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Tuesday, July 24th 2012

4:41 AM

Incest preteens


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From: Dawn
Subject: Dawn and Amanda, part 2This is the second part of the true story about me growing up. It happened
a couple of years ago when I was going into the 9th grade. I still see
Amanda sometimes, but she has a boyfriend now. I guess she was just
experimenting. I am a bona fide lesbian. I have never had a boyfriend and
never wanted one after my first time with Amanda. I have had a few
girlfriends since then but nothing long term. It is hard when you are still
in high school. Anyway, on with part 2: DawnShe slipped her shorts on, putting her panties in her pocket. She told me
to put on her robe. I stood, unsure of what was going to happen, but very
excited from the...I guess you would call it "fore-play". When I had tied
the robe, she opened the door and we walked down the hallway to her
bedroom.Once inside, she closed and locked her door (her mom wanted her to have a
sense of security and privacy, so she put a locking door knob on her
bedroom for her). I stood in the middle of her room as she walked past me
to her window, lowering her blinds. She then turned to me, lowered her face
and looked up at me, biting her lower lip, and said, nude tiny preteens "Allie, take off my
shorts for me please." I hesitated a second, then slowly walked over to
her. My hands were shaking so badly as I tried to undo the button. She put
her hands over mine, and when I looked up at her, she smiled and said,
"It's OK, Allie. We younger preteen boy
can go as far as you want, or not at all. Just relax
and enjoy yourself." My mouth was so dry I couldn't speak. She pushed my
hands down to my sides, reached up and untied my, her, robe. She then
pushed the robe off my shoulders and it fell to the floor. She gazed at me
with those big, deep, brown eyes and said, "Oh, Allie. I have wanted you
for so long now." Then she leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips.I was shaking so bad, I could hardly stand. I just stood there like a
statue. Amanda pulled back, embarrassed, and started babbling, "It's
cool. It's all good. Forget it. We're cool. No problem." She rushed around
looking for her shorts and pulled them on before I could even
react. Somehow I shook myself free from this trance and said, "Mandy, I'm
alright. I don't want to stop. I was just so excited and nervous at the
same time I didn't know what to do. I've never kissed anyone, and I just
was nervous. Please, come back here."She walked back to me and stood nervously with her arms at her sides. I
reached out to her, my robe falling open, and pulled her close to me,
wrapping my arms around her slim waist. I nuzzled into her neck and kissed
her earlobe.She sighed and leaned into me, pulling her head back and planting a big,
wet, deep kiss on my mouth. I eagerly opened my mouth and pushed my tongue
past her teeth. Her hands slid down my back and cupped my ass through the
robe. I did the same, running my hands under cute preteen pussy the waistband of her shorts
and gripping her naked cheeks.We stood like that for a minute or two, just making out and running our
hands all over each other's ass. Finally, Mandy backed off, pulled her tank
top off and slid her shorts down. I put my arms down and shrugged the robe
off, letting it pile on the floor at my feet. Mandy reached preteen model galeries out and took my
hand and led me to her bed, gently pushing me down until I was sitting on
the edge. She knelt down between my knees, like in the bathroom just
minutes earlier. Looking up into my eyes, she pushed my knees apart and
lowered her face into my crotch. I felt her warm breath on my shaved pussy.
I threw my head back, biting my lower lip as I felt her soft lips against
my pussy. She placed little kisses all around it, then dragged her tongue
from the bottom of my slit to the top. I couldn't believe how good it
felt. I had been rubbing myself for a few months, but it was never like
this.Mandy kept licking me, getting more and more wild with her tongue, really
eating me out (I had always heard that expression, but never knew what it
meant)! She then concentrated on my clit, and put just the tips of her
middle and first finger against my opening. I was really wet, both from her
spit and my juices, so they slipped easily preteen bikini shots just inside. She began 15 year preteen pushing
her fingers in while sucking hard on my clit. I propped up on my elbows and
spread my legs as far as they would go, crying out, preteens on usenet "omigod omigod!" over
and over again. She got her fingers in up to her first knuckle and kinda
wiggled them around. I started panting her name, then I just lost it. I
started shaking all over, my legs closed around Mandy's head, trapping her
against my pussy, and nudity preteen galleries my hands grabbed the back of her head pulling myself
up into a ball around her head. I started screaming, then I felt like I
just exploded. My legs fell open and I pushed her away. I couldn't take any
more. I fell back on the bed, soaked with sweat. I could hardly breathe,
and I felt like I was out of control of my body and mind.After what seemed like an eternity, I opened my eyes and groggily looked
down at Mandy, still kneeling at the side of the bed. I had curled away
from her, so she wasn't between my legs any more. Her face and mouth were
glistening with what I assumed were my juices, and she had this angelic
smile on her face. She said, "Hi. You OK?"I could only manage preteen downblouse a weak nod. I reached out for her, inviting her up on
the bed. She climbed up and lay down next to me. I wrapped my arms around
her and promptly fell asleep.When I preteen rusian models woke up, it was dusk out. Mandy was on her back, asleep. Her right
arm was around my shoulders, holding me close, her left hand was lying on
her pussy. I guess she had been playing with herself while I slept. I
gently slipped out of her arm and quietly made my way down her body. I put
my face close to her pussy and smelled her scent. I kissed the fingers that
I just knew had been rubbing her beautiful pussy while I slept, then moved
them out of the way. I kissed the top of her pussy, probing her clit with
my tongue. It tasted as good as it smelled. I decided to wake her up. I
stuck my preteen nake
tongue out and made it as free pic preteens stiff as I could, and drove it deep
between her lips, wagging it up and down. I saw her eyes fly open with
surprise, then close halfway as she sighed and laid back to enjoy the
pleasure I was giving her. Her hands went to the back of my head, fingers
snaking through my hair, pulling me in closer. I wanted to give her what
she had given to me, so I put my fingertips against her hole and gently
slid them in while tonguing and sucking her hard little clit. She began
bucking against my free pic preteens mouth, fingers grasping clumps of my hair, saying the
nastiest things, like "suck my cunt, bitch" and "eat my pussy, you
whore". For some reason, her talking dirty to me like that really got me
going. I attacked her clit with a mad passion, rasping it with my tongue
and nipping at it with my teeth. I finally grabbed it between my teeth and
tattooed the tip with my tongue. Her body went rigid and she stopped
breathing for a second. She was pulling me so tightly against her pussy
that my nose was smashed into her and I couldn't breathe. Just before I
pulled away, she cried out and went limp, legs and arms akimbo.I released her clit and raised up on my hands, looking at her over her flat
tummy and heaving breasts. Her eyes were closed and her face was so
peaceful; she looked absolutely satiated, and happy. I crawled up between
her legs, taking her in my arms and held russian preteen smokes her tight. She returned my hug and
kissed me, tasting her sweet nectar. I told her I loved her. She just
smiled and squeezed me tight.After a few minutes, we separated and got up. I picked up my old, cotton
panties and put them on and finished getting dressed. I put my new
G-strings in my backpack and got ready to go back home. I went to her to
kiss her good-bye, but she kind of stood off, making it clear that what
happened was a fluke, just two adolescents russian preteen smokes experimenting with love. It was
much more to me. It awakened a passion in me for women that I did not know
existed before. I knew I didn't like boys. Well, not like some of my
boy-crazy friends. I just never looked at them like that. Girls -- I had
always been attracted to girls. But I never realized what that meant. I
just figured I would get into boys later in life.That day showed me that, while I would have plenty of guy-friends, I would
only have girl-lovers. Mandy littl preteen models and I got together a few more times, not
nearly as often as I would have liked, but often enough to string me along
for a year, hoping that one day she would develop the same feelings I had.
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Tuesday, July 24th 2012

12:00 AM

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